Tax Minimization in Poland

Tax Minimization in Poland

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Tax planning in Poland

Tax minimization combines various tax strategies with the purpose to minimize tax liability. The strategies can be applied by small and medium sized companies in Poland and also by large corporations. Individuals can also use tax planning strategies and minimize the amount of money they need to pay at the end of the fiscal year.
Our Polish law firm can offer you tax planning and tax minimization services and can help you plan your investments in Poland in the best possible way.

Tax minimization strategies in Poland

Tax planning is a widely used practice. Companies in Poland choose to employ the services of a professional tax planner or an accounting firm so that their company will not pay more taxes than necessary. However, tax minimization strategies imply that the investor if fully aware of the legal provisions for investing in Poland, knows and observes the relevant legislation. Tax minimization is different from tax avoidance and it does not use any illegal schemes. 
A good way to reduce taxes is to bring forward different tax deductions. By bringing forward the tax deductions into the current fiscal year, you can reduce the amount of the taxable income. You can deduct business travel expenses and reasonable services that can be listed as business services, like business lunches, corporate gifts and others. 
Early contributions to retirement plans and charitable donations are also ways in which investors can minimize taxes

Taxes in Poland

Our attorneys in Poland can give you complete information about the taxation system in Poland and the taxes applicable for companies and individuals
The corporate tax rate in Poland is set at 19% and there are no alternative minimum taxes. Participation exemptions apply. Poland has concluded about 80 double tax treaties with other countries and you can read all about these topic on our website.
Please contact our law firm in Poland if you are interested in in-depth information about tax minimization strategies that can be used in Poland. We can help you start your own company in Poland and then successfully run your business.