Start a Financial Company in Poland

Start a Financial Company in Poland

Updated on Monday 18th September 2017

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Start-a-Financial-Company-in-Poland.jpgPoland has a well-developed and competitive financial services sector. Banks, insurance companies, and various financial advisory firms are present on the market. Financial policymakers in the country strive to maintain a stable and adequate regulatory regime, at the same time supporting the country’s economic growth and the opportunities for foreign investments in the field.
Entrepreneurs who want to start a financial company in Poland will need to do so by following the basic company formation steps and the regulatory regime imposed by the local authorities. One of our Polish lawyers is able to assist you throughout the company formation process and provide you with adequate legal counseling. 

The Polish financial services sector

Banks and financial services companies in Poland tailor to the needs of many types of clients, both corporate and individuals. The business sector is open to foreign investors who may choose to open a Polish company that offers financial services or find a suitable solution for their own fund management needs in Poland. Poland has a well-developed stock market so foreign investors can place their funds in Polish stocks and bonds.
The Polish Financial Supervision Authority is the main regulatory agency for overseeing the banking sector, the capital markets, the insurance and pension sectors and electronic currency institutions. 
The experts at our Polish law firm can answer detailed questions about the laws and regulations imposed by the Financial Supervision Authority. We can also help you information on licensing and control for specific types of companies in Poland, as needed.

Opening a company in Poland

Investors who open a company in Poland need to follow the basic steps for opening a new legal entity:
- choose an available business name;
- draw up the Articles of Association and open a bank account;
- register the company with the Polish Trade Register, obtain a REGON and a VAT number.
As mentioned above, financial companies are subject to regulation and control. One of the financial experts at our law firm in Poland can give you information about the needed licenses, according to your business type. 
One of our attorneys in Poland can answer your questions about company formation and about the requirements for companies, once they are operational.
Contact our Polish law firm for detailed information about our services and how we can be of assistance.