Representative Office in Poland

Representative Office in Poland

Updated on Thursday 18th April 2019

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Representative-Office-in-Poland.jpgA representative office is a good option for a foreign company to become accustomed to the Polish market. This establishment will function in Poland under the direct control of the foreign company abroad.
Poland has a large internal market and policies that are encouraging foreign investors to open a company here. The Special Economic Zones offer several incentives for doing business, tax reductions and access to modern infrastructure. Investors who want to open a representative office or upgrade it to a company can talk to one of the experts at our Polish law firm.

The characteristics of the Polish representative office

The representative office has a limited business scope compared to a Polish company or a branch in Poland. However, it can be very useful for companies operating in certain business fields to test the market before incorporating a Polish company.
The purpose of the office is strict: gather and provide information about the Polish market, advertise and promote the foreign company. The representative office will not engage in economic transactions or in the specific business actions of the parent company abroad.
The company abroad can appoint a representative in Poland who will handle the promotional activities. A Polish law firm can help represent your best interests in Poland and handle the office-related activities through a power of attorney if needed.

Setting up a representative office in Poland

The representative office is registered with the Register of the Representative Office of Foreign Entrepreneur. The application is submitted together with documents that are relevant to the identification of the foreign company: its name, registered seat and business objectives, the names of its directors and representatives in Poland. The foreign company’s Articles of Association and proof of registration with the Commercial Register in its country of origin are also needed. These documents are to be submitted in Polish.
The representative office must have the same name as the foreign company and observe the accountancy laws in Poland.
The services offered by our law firm in Poland include company formation, liquidation, corporate litigation and many others. One of our experts is ready to help you open a representative office in Poland.
Contact us to find out more about other business forms in Poland and how you can open a company.