Open a Recruitment Company in Poland

Open a Recruitment Company in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 31st March 2020

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Open-a- Recruitment-Company-in-Poland.pngRecruitment companies ensure the appropriate selection of candidates for a position, providing much-needed support for companies in Poland but also important employment aid for individuals. 
Investors who open a recruitment company in Poland need to follow the basic steps for opening the chosen type of company and for registering their new business. One of the experts at our Polish law firm can help you understand these steps.
International companies can consider expanding their business to Poland, for access to a large and developing internal market that currently presents significant opportunities. 

Recruitment companies in Poland

A recruitment company in Poland focuses on matching candidates to available job positions. Companies operating in large Polish cities like Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw generally focus on the Polish workforce but they can also provide services for companies looking for qualified professionals from other East European Countries. Large international recruitment firms with foreign clients will also provide services related to the employment and assimilation of foreign employees in Poland.
Investors who start a recruitment company in Poland can begin by performing an adequate market research in the area or city where they plan to incorporate the company. It is important for investors, especially foreign ones, to understand the Polish employment legislation. One of our attorneys in Poland can help you with specialized legal counseling on any employment matters.
The Polish law for investments has requirements for company directors, however, there are no restrictions on nationality that prevent foreign investors from becoming shareholders or directors in Polish recruitment companies
One of the experts at our law firm in Poland can answer any questions about company management and control.

Opening a company in Poland

The company formation procedure is straightforward and involves a series of mandatory steps such as choosing a type of company, opening a bank account and depositing the minimum share capital.
Like all other companies, recruitment firms in Poland are registered with the Polish Trade Register, they obtain a REGON number and a VAT number.
One of our lawyers can help you during these main incorporation steps. You can contact our law firm in Poland for more information and advice on company formation.