Open a Fintech Company in Poland

Open a Fintech Company in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 04th August 2020

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Open-a-Fintech-Company-in-Poland.jpgFintech, or financial technology in Poland, is a business sector that is developing rapidly. The field includes the field of technology developed for and used by financial institutions and, in general, by the financial sector.
Investors who open a fintech company in Poland need to observe the local financial sector guidelines, the regulations for doing business and for starting a new company and the general Polish rules for company management.
The experts at our Polish law firm can help you with detailed information about the financial services sector and how to open a fintech business.

Fintech in Poland

Poland has several of the benefits and characteristics of a business location that is a promising hub for innovation and development in the fintech – financial technology sector. The country has had a number of success stories in the form of startups in fields like computer science and technology and now fintech startups are making their own entry on the market.   
The fintech sector is subject to a number of cross-border funding and collaboration. The blockchain subsector in particular in one where Polish companies are proving their potential. 
The field of corporate finance is well represented in Poland. Companies of all sizes operate in this field, as well as local companies and foreign legal entities. Online invoicing companies, crowdfunding companies and those that are involved in cryptocurrency trading are other examples of types of companies in Poland that have entered the fintech field.
Our team of Polish lawyers can give you additional information on these business sectors and, based on the profile of your company, provide you with needed advice for obtaining special permits and licenses. 

Opening a fintech start-up in Poland

Warsaw is one of the main financial technology hubs in Poland. Examples of fintech start-ups in Poland include companies that focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, bitcoin trading, crowdfunding platforms and equity crowdfunding, money transfer and corporate finance, tax management applications and many other financial solutions.
Many investors who start a fintech company in Poland will choose to incorporate a Polish limited liability company. This allows the founders to have limited liability, just as the name suggests, only up to the amount of capital invested in the company.
Investors can choose to register a trademark for their fintech business with the Polish Patent Office.
One of our attorneys in Poland can assist you throughout the company formation process. You can contact us for detailed information on the steps needed to open a fintech company in Poland and the company registration procedure.