Law Firm in Lodz

Law Firm in Lodz

Updated on Thursday 28th October 2021

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Law-firm-in-LodzWhy invest in Lodz?

Located about 100 km away from the capital Warsaw, Lodz has recently become the third largest city in Poland. It is also known as one of the most important industrial cities in Poland especially because of the textile sector which has flourished for years in a row. Due to its position in the middle of the country, The city is currently home to many foreign companies running their European operational centers from here. Among these, many foreign companies in the IT industry have moved their headquarters from countries like Ireland to Lodz because of the cheap and skilled labor force, and also due to city’s infrastructure which allows for the quick movement of products across Europe.

Legal Assistance for Opening a company in Lodz

Foreign investors are more and more attracted to Lodz because of the development of the infrastructure which allows them to set up logistics centers here. However, in order to start a successful business in Lodz many of them appeal to the legal services provided by Polish lawyers. Our lawyers offer legal services throughout some of the most important cities of Poland, including Lodz.
If you are interested in opening a business in Lodz, here are the types of companies you can establish:
  • sole proprietorships;
  • partnerships;
  • public and private limited liability companies.
Among these, the private limited liability company is the most employed type of structure.
Among the services provided by our law firm in Lodz are:
  • drafting the company’s Articles of Association;
  • filing the documents with the Commercial Register in Poland;
  • assisting you in accessing governmental programs for your company in Lodz.
Additionally, our lawyers in Lodz can also provide you with legal assistance in taxation matters.

Legal services for foreign citizens in Lodz

Foreign citizens immigrating to Poland can also benefit from the legal services provided by our law firm in Lodz, if deciding to move to this city. Whether you want to apply for a residence permit or you are seeking employment, our Polish lawyers can guide you through the visa procedure and can help you understand the legislation on employment. Also, among the legal services provided by our lawyers in Lodz are assistance in renting or buying a property.

Assistance in litigation cases in Lodz

If you are not familiar with the Polish laws and find yourself in a difficult situation, our law firm in Lodz offers legal assistance in the following litigation cases related to corporate and civil matters:
For a complete list of all legal services available in Lodz, do not hesitate to contact our Polish attorneys.