Employment Law in Poland

Employment Law in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 21st September 2021

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The employment contract in Poland and all relations and procedures between employers and employees are regulated by the Labor Code. 
There are several types of employment contracts that can be signed in Poland.
for an indefinite term
for a fixed term
Any employment contract will start with a trial period of no more than three months and must be signed no later than the first day working day. Any changes regarding the working relation between the employer and the employee must be also included in the contract under the form of an additional written agreement. The Labor Code provisions set out the regulations that should be included in the Polish employment contract and in the additional written information.

Termination of the employment contract in Poland

The employment contract in Poland can be ended wither with the agreement of the parties or with one of the parties giving notice. The contract’s termination with the agreement of the parties can take place at any time and on the initiative of either party. If the employer wishes to terminate the respective contract, he might be obligated to pay a certain amount of money as compensation to the employee.
The amount of the compensation depends on the employee’s longevity within the company:
  • payment in amount of one month’ salary if he worked in the respective company for less than 2 years;
  • payment in amount of two months’ salary if he worked in the respective company between 2 and 8 years
  • payment in amount of two months’ salary if he worked in the respective company for more than 8 years
If either one of the two parties wishes to terminate the collaboration, he must present a written notice to the other party. The contract will therefore end at the end of the notice period. The Labor Code clearly states that is the employer wishes to terminate the contract, he must give a real and specific reason for that. Also, they are prohibited by the employment law to give notice to certain protected category of employees, such as the ones in vacation, maternity leave, and medical leave. Pregnant women and elder employees (who have less than four years before being entitled to a pension) are also among the protected categories.

Working hours in Poland

Polish employees usually work 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week, but there are exceptions to the law. Overtime is permitted but must be remunerated accordingly.
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