Company Management in Poland

Company Management in Poland

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Poland has made great efforts to recover from the communist regime. After becoming a member of the European Union in 2004, Poland managed to boost its economy and has made efforts to attract foreign direct investment. Today the country is an attractive business destination.
Company managers in Poland are adaptable and prepared to work in a country that is still undergoing a transition. Although older generations of entrepreneurs have a conservative approach to business, young entrepreneurs have a more modern approach.
Companies in Poland
There are several types of companies that can operate in Poland and investors need to carefully choose the appropriate type of structure. A company manager’s duties and responsibilities may differ according to the type of company. Our Polish lawyers can help you with all of the legal procedures needed for opening a company in Poland.
Poland has a hierarchical business structure and the business culture may be perceived as somewhat authoritarian. Company managers in Poland must be able to provide solutions for difficult problems and instruct their Polish employees.
Business compliance in Poland
The Polish business culture has changed over the years and the country’s transition towards a free-market economy created differences in the management styles used by older business people and younger entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, a good company manager in Poland is flexible and communication within the team is very important.
All businesses in Poland must observe the Polish company law. Company managers need to make sure that the company observes the existing tax regulations. Our Polish lawyers can provide complete tax planning services and help you with VAT registration in Poland.
Company directors and company managers in Poland also need to have cross-cultural management skills. In order to successfully conduct their business, managers need to comply with specific rules and regulations. Our law firm in Poland can help you complete management and assessment services for your business in Poland. Please contact our Polish lawyers for more information.